"You're continuing to grow."

Actually, no, I’m not, I thought instantly and wouldn’t that be wonderful, but I know what she meant. Jamie Dodge is my new running coach at RunnersConnect, and in our initial meet and greet we were talking about how ridiculous I feel sometimes about training hard and doing races at my age.

“Some people become adults and stop growing,” Jamie said. “You’re always wanting to develop yourself and continue to learn, and that’s great.”

I’m excited to serve as an Ambassador for RunnersConnect, an incredibly supportive community of runners of all ages, but even more pumped to roll out my new Guest Bloggers feature on Be the Dog.

Gini Fellows Road to Ironman Florida

Gini Fellows is a registered nurse and teaches health and wellness at the Biloxi, Mississippi, campus of Tulane University.  She’ll turn 70 in August, and is training for her first full Ironman in Florida in November 2016.  Her coach is her son, Patrick, who’s a huge inspiration to Gini as he schedules her workouts and helps her sort through her doubts and fears.

Gini’s journey to Ironman Florida began this winter by building a base and now she’s adding harder and more specific workouts.

I’m honored to feature Gini ’s blog as she writes about “the good, the bad, the ugly!!” Read Gini’s Road to Ironman Florida blog here, and read her full bio here.