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About the Author

Carolee Belkin Walker is a wellness blogger, podcaster, and freelance journalist whose work appears in the Washington Post, Women’s Running, the Chicago Tribune, the Toronto Sun, the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, the Baltimore Sun, the Tyler Morning Telegraph, and others. 

Until 2014, she never owned a pair of functional sneakers or had an exercise routine or ever heard of the phrase “wellness.” Now, at 60, Carolee is a runner and a triathlete who’s found a path to health that’s also led her to writing about wellness and inspiring others.


About the book

We’ve all been there ―you’re so crazy busy that you put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list. You could fit two of author Carolee Belkin Walker inside what her body looked like in February 2014. But instead of burying her head in the sand (or in a box of cookies) she started the journey that led to her personal fitness revolution. Walker's Getting My Bounce Back will inspire you, no matter where you are in your life, to find your inner buoyancy and embark on some serious self-care. With her trademark mix of wit and wisdom, Walker will have you laughing your way through it all as you rediscover your personal confidence and resilience.

If you want to be an active participant in life and not merely an observer – at any age - but don’t know where to start, or even re-start, this book is for you. In these pages you’ll find: music playlists, easy recipes, chapters by Walker’s trainer, Reuel Tizabi, how to fit exercise into a busy schedule and why it matters, and tips on exercising even when you’ve got issues.


What People Are Saying

Most books and publications just show the end result, as if we magically appear at the peak of fitness and ideal look, but Carolee allows us to peek into her inner mind, showing us that there is a journey behind those photos.
— Tina Muir, elite runner and host of the Running for Real podcast

Carolee Walker’s Getting My Bounce Back is an engaging and inspiring read. Getting fit and training to compete in endurance events is no walk in the park, even for the hardiest among us. There are few books out there that genuinely describe the ups and downs of reinventing yourself at midlife while simultaneously teaching us how we can all do it. In this memoir, Carolee’s authentic voice shines through as she describes her personal journey of self-discovery and personal mastery. Carolee’s journey is instructive, funny, relatable, and most of all, inspiring.
— Chris Friesen, Ph.D., author of the High Achievement Handbook series

Carolee Walker says it perfectly: exercise is not an option. That is the truth. It is not an option. We all need to move our body.
— Sarajean Rudman, Kripalu yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner, from the Foreword

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