Finding the joy in moving around

Marathoning After 50

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Carolee finished her first marathon - the Reggae Marathon, in Negril, Jamaica, at the age of 56. And she's still at it! Read about how she got started in I Ran My First Marathon After 55 in Prevention.

The Book! 

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I am sooooo excited to announce Sarajean Rudman has contributed the foreword to my book!! Pre-orders available now! And the Facebook page for the book is now live!


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Tune in for tips and inspiration from interviews with medical doctors, fitness and wellness experts, yogis, recovering runners, and other people who have helped me (and others!) put the bounce back in life.

Be The Dog

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Carolee's blog is about digging in, discovering who she is, and seeing how far she can push herself to be strong, fit, and healthy. Do you have something to share?   Guest bloggers welcome! Contact Carolee to propose a topic. 



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It's a hill, get over it!!

We can do this!! Carolee Walker is a freelance wellness writer for the Washington Post and a Huffington Post contributor. Here, she writes about training, wellness travel, nutrition, self-awareness, sexual health, athletic fashion, and running. Join our private Facebook group for inspiration and community. Read more.

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A hilarious picture of how getting fit turned Carolee's life around. Even if you have never put on a pair of running shoes or tried again and again to get a fitness habit, you'll relate to the highs and lows of Carolee's journey to the back of the pack, ultimately stumbling on a path to resilience, well-being, and joy. Preorder at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Politics and Prose, or your local bookstore.