IMFL Triathlon Camp


Who doesn’t wait until she's 70 to go to camp for the first time?

Well I did and it was a unique experience.

No tents, bond fires, or s'mores.  It was a lot of work, but I think I got a lot of experience and information to remove some of the terror of the swim away.  I am sure I will be a nervous wreck prior to the start, but at least I feel I can handle the swim.  We rehearsed a short version of the swim, getting out of the water and running back in. Our coach gave us pointers on sighting.

We rode 41 miles on the hilly part of the course.  Anyone who says Ironman Florida is flat is lying.  We went over many rolling hills.  None of them were so hard that I could not keep going.

When we finished the ride I was happy to see that I wasn’t too slow.  In fact, I had the same distance and miles per hour as another woman on the course.  So I felt better about the ride.

I do need to spend some more time figuring out how much nutrition I need to be consuming on the ride.  I put that to the test this weekend when I rode 95 miles.

We spent some time going over the athlete’s guide, a walk through what to expect in transition, and some of the items that will go in transition and special needs bags.   

Earlier in the week I swam 3200 yards in one hour and 30 minutes.  This past Monday I swam 3700 yards in one hour and 40 minutes.  It looks like I should be able to complete the swim in two hours.

The camp experience was well worth the time and expense.  It gave me a little more confidence.