I am chill

Ok I KNOW my friends and family who are reading this are laughing, but I ALWAYS thought of myself as a super relaxed person …. Type B for sure - Maybe even type C.  I can HEAR you laughing.

I AM relaxed - I am!  But sometimes I get a little “crazy” about some details.  Only as it pertains to training as in my equipment, nutrition, sleep, hydration, data, and even the color of my pee. 

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You signed up for WHAT??  This is the title of a friend's blog and it fits perfectly with how I feel when I've hit the “enter” button for a race entry.  Any race entry.

Since my first WTH did I just sign up to do moment - I've trained for and completed 3 Boston Marathons, an OtillO swim-run race, 10 70.3 Ironman races, a 9.5 mile swim, Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Norway, 5 140.6 Ironman races, and countless other events.  Still to this day - every single time I hit the “enter” button I think "What the Heck did I just do?"!!!  But every time I cross the finish line I marvel at what my body just accomplished.

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