I am invincible?

Last week I had two rest days in my training plan.  Well, if you call rest driving 1100 miles over those two days.  I am back home in the real heat and humidity.

It takes a few days to switch back from the metric system. I no longer have to check to see if I am driving kilometers or miles, swimming meters vs yards. There have been some changes since I have been gone. The gym where I worked out closed due to bankruptcy. It was a great place because it had a pool, weight rooms, and exercise classes. This week I spent time looking for another place to swim and a new gym. There are only three indoor pools on the Coast but numerous gyms. I found the pool, and today signed up for another gym.

As far as training goes, I am back in business.

School began this week. I am teaching a course on Addictive Behaviors and seem to have a good group of students.  It should be a good semester.

Now that I have found a pool my swim workouts are increasing. Sometimes I get a new workout and miss a couple of things. My swims are 2400 to 2700 yards now.

After my swim on Wednesday, I ran intervals for about an hour. I only thought it was hot and humid up north. Whew!

I will be changing to a different day to do my long bike rides, but not this week. I think I am invincible. I decided to ride from a community center, in another city, out to the country.  I knew where I was going, but forgot that it is VERY hilly. I have been riding in relatively flat country. I packed up my bike, loaded my nutrition, my chamois cream, my music (I only listen with one earbud) and started out.  I forgot my heart rate monitor.

There was very little traffic and also no people. I got out in the country about 34 miles from my starting point, and began to think, “If something happens to you no one knows where you are.” If I had called my husband to come and get me he would not have a clue where I was. By this time it was about 94 degrees, the humidity was probably as high, and there was no shade. I was running out of nutrition and water. I turned around and started back hoping to find someplace to fill my water bottles. I found a church that had a faucet, drank some water, and filled up one of the bottles.

The wind started to increase, as I was getting closer to my starting point.  I got back to my car and realized I still had 9 miles to ride. My plan was to ride 75 miles. I had some cold water in the cooler in the car, drank some and began to ride a little farther. That lasted about 3 miles when I started feeling sick and turned around and went back to the car. I got in 73 miles, but that was the end.

I turned 70 years old on Monday, and still have no common sense!  What a doofus!

Next week camp!