Journey versus adventure

This week was a little easier as far as the runs were concerned.  My knees have been sore and stiff, and my legs were cramping.  The longest run I did this week was one hour and fifteen minutes.  Fortunately it was a little cooler so it went well.  After the run I did some yoga and all was well.  At least until Saturday night when we had a party at the yacht club and I danced for a couple of hours, in sandals.  Sunday morning my legs felt pretty sore.

On Tuesday I did another open water swim in the Bay.  I swam for 1.25 miles in an hour.  In order to give myself a buffer during the race, I need to double that distance in less than an hour.  My swims at the pool are always an adventure.

On Friday my workout included drills, and fast 100s, and more distance.  Afterward, while being the only woman in the locker room, I showered, wrapped a towel around me, and stepped out of the shower stall to see a man in the locker room.  He claimed to be looking for the gym.  Well it isn’t through the women’s locker room.  After telling him how to get there, he stood there arguing with me about the doors to the stairwell being locked.  He left, I got dressed in record time, and got out of there.  I checked the door to the stairwell, which was unlocked.  

Every long ride has included trying some type of new nutrition.  I like my mixture of ScratchLabs and CarboPro, plus some cut up pieces of LaraBars.  The LaraBars are sort of sweet, and I don’t think I could eat them for seven plus hours.  I like the Fruit Chews that SkratchLabs makes and Stinger Waffles.  Some of the other types of drink mixes have caused some GI problems, stomach cramping.

This past week I rode my second 60-mile ride.  I found I don’t drink as much without my bottle with the straw.  Of course the wind is always strongest on Thursdays.  It was a crosswind on the way out and switched to more of a headwind on the way back.  I am getting a lot of experience riding in the wind.  My long ride this coming week is going to be seventy miles.