Denise Barack: The Revolution Within - Women's Week at Kripalu

We’re at an unprecedented moment in history when women are so engaged and enraged and we’ve never held so much power to shape the future, according to Denise Barack, moderator and curator of The Revolution Within: Women’s Week at Kripalu, November 10-15. In our conversation, Denise talks about what to expect if you attend, because this is not your typical yoga retreat. It’s a call to action, Denise says, because for there to be change outside, it has to happen within first. Kripalu has long been known as a place to cultivate your inner resources in a nourishing environment that supports transformation. The 5-day program will feature some of the most prominent yoga teachers, civil rights activists, artists, and speakers, but the focus will also be on the diverse voices of participants with the ultimate goal of bringing about lasting collective change.