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I will not let grief define me.

What was I thinking?

I am four weeks out from IRONMAN Chattanooga on September 30th and have started asking myself, “what were you thinking?” signing up for another IRONMAN. I then go back 10 months ago to the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. In my mind I know I went there to finish the race, but deep down I was not pleased with my performance.

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Life after Bill: I Still Have A Lot of Living To Do

The months since my husband, Bill, died, and racing in Kona, have made me realize how important working out and staying active are to me. When Bill passed away, I lost more than just my husband. My world, as I knew it, changed in every way. I am no longer a wife, and I live alone (with our dog).

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Race Report for Ironman World Championship, October 14, 2017

I first want to thank Patrick Fellows, my son, and my coach, for having the patience to get me as ready as possible for the race. Bill was my biggest fan. He didn’t understand triathlon, but was always supportive. He liked triathlon just about as much as I liked hockey. Bill’s illness and losing him 6 weeks before the race affected my training and focus. Jeanne, Paige, and Ian were there to support me the entire week. I also want to thank Robbie Wiedie of Cutwater, Freddy Minze, and of course Brawny Towels, which generously sponsored me. Blue Seventy, Roka, and Hoka were all a generous help. Pro racer Chris McDonald hand-delivered my Brawny kit, made by OwnWayApparel, on Tuesday night.

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Two Months to Kona

I can hardly believe it is only two months to Kona. I have been putting in the hours training.   Often times my heart isn’t in it, but maybe just doing it will instill the toughness I am going to need to complete the distance.

The summer heat of Mississippi is upon us. The days are hot and humid. Some days the heat index is in the high 90s and low 100s. Running in this heat is a constant reminder that hydration is such an important part of this sport. Most of my cycling has been in the house on my trainer due to my husband’s health. Swimming, even the long distances, has been my salvation. When I said, last month, that Ironman training was going to be a stress reliever I did not know how true those words were.

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Ironman Training as Stress Relief

I never thought I would be using Ironman training as a stress reliever.

It happens.

My training is definitely ramping up. Swim workouts are now 2300-3000 yards, bike rides, mostly on my trainer, are one hour during the week and the long rides are 4 hours, and my runs are now 1:00-1:30. I was letting my weight workouts slide and have started back doing those twice a week. 

There are days when my heart is not in it, but I do the workout and manage to feel better.

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