Two Months to Kona

I can hardly believe it is only two months to Kona. I have been putting in the hours training. Often times my heart isn’t in it, but maybe just doing it will instill the toughness I am going to need to complete the distance.

The summer heat of Mississippi is upon us. The days are hot and humid. Some days the heat index is in the high 90s and low 100s. Running in this heat is a constant reminder that hydration is such an important part of this sport. Most of my cycling has been in the house on my trainer due to my husband’s health. Swimming, even the long distances, has been my salvation. When I said, last month, that Ironman training was going to be a stress reliever I did not know how true those words were.

Radiation and chemo have really taken a toll on Bill’s health. He was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure, as well as anemia. The radiation and chemo have shrunken the tumor in his lung, and completely obliterated the lesion on his adrenal gland. Unfortunately he has been in the hospital for almost three full weeks now. Sunday he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and yesterday his heart acted up again. We are still hopeful for some sort of better health and a return home.

My swims are now over 3100 yards, long rides are 4-5:30 hours, and my long runs are 2-3 hours. Of course the other days of the week are busy with shorter workouts and hospital visits. Oh yes, the Devil Dog, our sweet Abby, keeps me on my toes by getting into the garbage, and periodically making a break for it and running through muddy water filled ditches.

The countdown begins.