I am chill

Nothing like a hug from the Heartbreak Hill Running Company's gorilla, during a training run in Boston

Nothing like a hug from the Heartbreak Hill Running Company's gorilla, during a training run in Boston

Ok I KNOW my friends and family who are reading this are laughing, but I ALWAYS thought of myself as a super relaxed person …. Type B for sure - Maybe even type C.  I can HEAR you laughing.

I AM relaxed - I am!  But sometimes I get a little “crazy” about some details.  Only as it pertains to training as in my equipment, nutrition, sleep, hydration, data, and even the color of my pee.

Yep - just broke that seal — I said pee, urine, piss - whatever.  It’s actually a diagnostic that triathletes very freely talk about.  It might only be triathletes since I’ve gotten some weird looks when  it comes up in general conversation.

Yep I missed a workout this weekend - a two-hour run.  Two days later and I’m still not comfortable with an Orange block on my Training Peaks page.  Training Peaks is a shared-calendar tool where your coach puts your workouts and you upload the data from a finished workout.  The reason I never miss workouts is that the guilt kills me and I’ll admit it - I don’t like my Training Peaks software to register anything but green blocks.  Red or Yellow indicates a workout was incomplete or non existent.  Green = a good solid week.

I was still pretty active - with out-of-town guests.  We hiked and did other things.  I had a backup plan for workouts - which is a great thing for me so I can stay loose and chill.  I still lost sleep.  This is one of the great things about having worked with my coach for 4 years.  He’s great about cross-training - recovery days, mountain biking, long rides with no power - just for fun (imagine that?) - hiking, snowshoeing - just keep moving ( I take my Garmin just to see what my data look like).  It’s really great and keeps the FUN in the training. 

On my recovery days I actually get a lot done.  Stuff that I let go during the week (see?  I AM relaxed) - laundry, clean my bikes, a short run, vacuum, check bike fitting and do a quick spin just to loosen up the legs, clean out the fridge and hit the market and best yet - collect all the bike water bottles that are on literally EVERY surface in the house.  I think one of those days I trimmed the hedges in front of the house - all 90 feet of them.  That was before I washed all the cars inside and out and then repainted the front door.

I guess the answer is No - triathletes are NOT Type A - I think some are for sure - but I’m definitely Type C - Maybe B?  Except for my equipment, nutrition, hydration, bike shorts, brand of chamois cream, sleep, and data.  Other than that - we’re a pretty chill crowd.

Do I have a shoe problem? What problem?

Do I have a shoe problem? What problem?


Stephanie Middleton

Stephanie Middleton, a stay-at-home mother of four - ranging in age from 13 to 23 has always been active - grew up playing soccer and tennis - and always loved to run. 

 After completing her first Century ride for Best Buddies in 2008, a friend talked her into believing she could learn to swim if she’d just try.  The goal was so they could do an all-women’s sprint triathlon benefitting women cancer survivors.

 Racing for a cause and taking on bigger and bigger challenges each time started to become a theme.  The following year she competed in her first 70.3 race quickly followed by a 9.5 mile swim and a commitment to run the Boston Marathon and do her first Full Ironman in Arizona.

 After a DNF in her first Ironman Arizona - broken collarbone - she registered for the next years race thru the Ironman Foundation.  She also became an Ambassador for the firstIronman Foundation/Newton Running Team.  With a message of My Journey - My Way -  and a commitment to do service projects - it was a perfect fit.

 This past October - she was asked if she could come to Kona to help the Foundation.  That was a no-brainer.  Being there cheering on everyone and especially the Foundation Athletes who had raised over $700,000 was incredibly inspirational.  So much so, that when presented with the opportunity to come back and race in 2017 as a Foundation Athlete, it didn’t take long to say yes.

It was the beginning of a journey that started with the belief that I could at least try.  A message I believe is true for everyone of us!  Just Try!