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Indian Creek Triathlon, June 12, 2016

After last Sunday’s very windy, two-hour ride with a friend, who is 26 years younger, I was ready for a fairly easy week for training.  Fortunately all of my training days were just that, easy!  

Monday was another mostly straight 60 minute swim and weights. Tuesday was 45 minutes of running, one minute fast, one walk, which was nice. I rode for a little more than an hour, on Wednesday, with another friend. I don’t know where all the wind is coming from, but it was brutal. I guess that will prepare me for the November winds in Florida.

Thursday was a short swim and a short run, which I did on the elliptical. My thoughts were to do some weights, but another friend and I stretched and did a couple of abdominal exercises, and mostly talked for an hour.

Sometimes it is a good idea to let go of the rigidity of training that I place on myself.

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