My Mother's Day best picks

My kids are always up for doing something new. Yes, it was my idea to sign us up for yoga with dophins at the Mirage in Las Vegas a few years ago.

My kids are always up for doing something new. Yes, it was my idea to sign us up for yoga with dophins at the Mirage in Las Vegas a few years ago.

It took me a while to figure it out, but scheduling time in my day to exercise, even to walk for 40 minutes, has made me better at everything. And ask my kids - it's made me a better mom! Now, as Mother's Day is around the corner, here's what I'm loving!

My Mother's Day favs for 2018


Nike Dry Element Cropped Tank

This is my new favorite running top for summer even though it's black. It's loose but cropped so it's got plenty of air circulation. 


Lululemon Speed Up Short 2.5"

These shorts give you huggy support around the waistband and the fabric is as light as a feather. I've put these on my list because I love the new bright green color available this year - they're calling it Dragon Fly, I'm calling it simply Fly.


Oiselle Shade Long Sleeve

Oiselle is the premiere athletic wear company made by and for women athletes but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't get excited about their lightweight pique fabrics. Designed specifically for sun resistance, this top has a UPF 30 rating that keeps  ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. 


ON Cloud X Shoes

While this fantastic neutral slip on made in Switzerland is meant for running, I wear them for recovery and for looking chic while walking the dog and doing errands. I got mine at Fleet Feet Sports in the Kentlands, which carries the complete ON line. So comfortable. Like walking on a cloud. Really.


Jo Malone London Lime, Basil, and Mandarine Cologne

This one is the ultimate splurge for every woman's gym bag. I particularly love this cologne as an alternative to perfume in warmer months. I used to save it for weekends, when I was more relaxed and as a break from my work-week perfume, but now I love it so much I use it every day. There are lots of choices - from fruity to musky to citrusy - but this one is my favorite. This is also the perfect size for your mom's purse or cosmetic case.


Bondi Band Sansa Reversible Skinnyband

I put this on my wishlist last year and my children bought me an awesome pink polka dot headband, which is made for working out or running as the fabric wicks away moisture. This year I'm looking at the skinnyband now that my hair is shorter. Kids, you can't go wrong with any of these awesome headbands - Bondi Band's got a great Mother's Day special so why not get a few?


Zojirushi Stainless Mug

Seriously this thermos is my new passion for both hot drinks and cold. I use it first thing in the morning for coffee on my way to the gym or on a walk and later for green tea. It's also great for keeping ice water icy without all the perspiration. It's slim and elegant and brilliantly designed. It's available in tons of colors - I'm going for the lavender pink this year. (Hear that, kids?)


Manduka Wanderer Gym Tote Bag

My kids bought me my first Manduka bag a few years ago, and since then, I'm a fan of their yoga mats and yoga bags. This tote bag is open and airy and perfect for summer and light enough so you can throw in extra shoes, a foldable straw hat, a bottle of wine....


Citrus Juicer Press

I am all about squeezing fresh lemon juice into my water with a few teaspoons of agave and some mint leaves and this is the best citrus juicer press out there. It doesn't rust or peel and is large enough to handle even extra large lemons. If your mom doesn't have one - this should be the year to make this happen for her. The benefits of drinking lemon water are well known - it's hydrating and promotes digestion and the vitamin C doesn't hurt either.


Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear

Okay I laughed about this product when Under Armour came out with these pjs maybe last year. Really? Recovery pjs? Isn't sleep recovery enough? But secretly I’m coveting the entire line, as these look amazing. I’ll be honest, though, I can’t imagine buying them for myself. A total splurge. Hint, hint.


Getting My Bounce Back!

My memoir about my personal fitness revolution - complete with the highs and lows of my journey, including playlists, recipes, and words of wisdom from the adorable personal trainer and soon-to-be doctor of physical therapy Reuel Tizabi. The book's available everywhere! Pick one up for yourself, and if you pick one up for your mom, tell her I said hello and I'd love to hear from her!