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Hamstring rehab

  • Monday - Hamstring rehab
  • Tuesday - Hamstring rehab
  • Wednesday - Hamstring rehab
  • Thursday - Easy 4 miles

Coach Ann's notes: Do a minimum of 2 but try to get in 4 miles. Really easy.

I did 4 but the run was really difficult. My hamstring is still sore, so I ran so slow I felt like I was practically running in slow motion. I pushed through this one. Everything hurt. Nice having family in for Thanksgiving - we cooked a great meal for 24 people and I managed to get in a nap.

  • Friday - Walk
  • Saturday - Easy 4 miles

This one was better than the first, but still hard to imagine getting in 26 miles next week in Jamaica!

Later Event: November 24
Hamstring Rehab